Swansea Sports Injury Clinic

Swansea and the surrounding areas of Port Talbot, Llanelli and further west to Pembrokeshire share the love of rugby of all Wales but also lots of other coastal related sports including surfing, swimming and triathlon with Ironman Wales a regular sell out. The support for Celtic Tri and the other triathlon clubs in the region is incredible. 

With so much sport sadly comes some injuries with ITB band syndrome, tendonitis and shoulder injuries especially common.  There are however lots of great sports injury clinics, therapists and specialist in the Swansea and wider region that can help minimise the time injured. Sports Injury Fix provides a one stop shop to find the right person for you for a post race or game sports massage through to a physio, osteopath or chiropractor. We can find the best Swansea based person for your need so use Sports Injury Fix and start the rehabilitation process today.

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