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By Malcolm Sloan | 14th March 2022 | General, Advice

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As per Wednesday’s good news then we can now announce who the buyer is.

Before we do though we wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sending the email on Tuesday was not something I ever wanted to do and we expected some frustration however have been blown away by the kind messages ever since. We will never forget that, thank you.

The new buyer saw the email we sent out on Tuesday, and were determined that the site continue to operate under the existing terms, and that consultation notes and patient data would remain safe and protected.

It is a testament to their support to the UK therapy community and we’re delighted to announce the  new owner is the Surrey Physio Group, a community-focused and clinician-led healthcare company owned by Tim Allardyce.

In consultation with SIF, they would like to make SIF into a not-for-profit company further helping the UK therapy community and working even more collaboratively with partner associations which we fully support. If you want to help shape it’s future we urge you to be involved, it’s a great opportunity.

As they grow their understanding of the business they will be continuing discussions with stakeholders and organisations on the way to take SIF forwards to ensure it is a collaborative approach.

The team have worked hard to ensure there is a detailed help section so please use this as your first port of call. The existing team will be handing over and stepping down, all are happy with the outcome. It will take the new team a bit of time to get up to speed so please bear with them.

Subscribers who have paid in advance for annual membership will have their subscriptions honoured.

Safety-net will continue for now and the new owners will discuss the next steps with Mike, Martin and Rach on the next steps there and update you.

sifCPD will not close as mentioned but too will remain open for the foreseeable future.

We are delighted that this represents the best outcome for the SIF community and we are pleased that the site can continue in its current form.

We wish you every success for the future

Malcolm, James and Tom



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