Welcoming and Helping Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Coaches

By Mike James | 19th March 2020 |

At Sports Injury Fix we’ve always believed in the power of the multi-disciplinary team and thus are now excited to announce that we are opening the platform up to include personal trainers (PTs) and strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches.
Our director Mike James understands better than most what PTs and S&C coaches can bring to the table setting up his own personal training business at 18 and with over 20 years as both an exercise and rehab professional. Mike started his working life as a physical training instructor in the RAF, obtaining a MSc Strength & Conditioning before then moving to rehab roles, obtaining a BSc Sports Rehabilitation and a Masters in Physiotherapy in the process.Kettle bell outdoorsSports Injury Fix started by seeking to breakdown the silos and confusion between the therapist professions. In these difficult times where working together will be even more important, it feels only right to include PTs and S&C to help bridge the rehab and exercise professional divide. 
Dr Rod Jaques OBE, the Head of Medical Services at the English Institute of Sport, has been to 5 Olympics with team GB and joined Sports Injury Fix as a non-exec Director to bring that experience to help increase working across the private practice professions and to help the public find the right specialist(s) to help them achieve their goals.
We believe that PTs, S&C coaches and therapists should view each other as collaboration opportunities rather than competition. An opportunity to build a physical or virtual multi-disciplinary team and help the public receive the best advice at the right time from those with the right skillset. This leads to better client outcomes and thus greater loyalty, recommendations and referrals all round.
In these strange times with Coronavirus causing havoc the need for help to stay injury free, become fitter and healthier and to recover from injuries has not gone away. The difference is that the traditional model of face to face consultations has been thrown in the air.
lady lifting weightsAllowing PTs and S&C to join Sports Injury Fix will allow them to benefit from the tools and software to be able to manage everything online, take payments, make bookings for online consultations etc. This thus makes life easier for the PTs, S&C coaches and the patients. 
We know there is much debate as to when PTs and S&C coaches should refer people with injuries to therapists and equally when therapists should refer patients to PTs and S&C coaches.  We are great believers that the only way to break down such barriers is through dialogue and collaboration.
In the exercise professional industry then the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) is the voluntary membership association body that seeks to set industry standards and help members adhere to them. We thus recommend looking for REPs membership when choosing someone to see.

Collaboration beats competition hands down every time in our book and we look forward to the additional knowledge skills and experience that working with PTs and S&C coaches will provide.

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